Your leisure activities With the family

There is nothing better to rest and recharge one’s batteries than a family visit to the Drôme valley, which is charged with  history and full of wild spots . Children and adults alike are going to relish it .

You can either plan a mountain-bike ride on the valley small trails, or a walk out into the wild or even  go canoeing upon  the turquoise water of the  River Drôme.

If you are curious- minded, you are likely to enjoy going through magic  and rewarding experiences which will enhance the time you’ll spend in the Drôme valley. The Gare des Ramières will make you feel as close as ever to the environment in the natural reserve called “the Ramières”.

Come and discover the natural reserve while roaming along the riverside and take time to watch beavers with “l’Affût aux Castors”

To end the day well, what about going on a stroll with a donkey, so that you can benefit from the view without any strain ?

An adventurer who feels like playing the explorer ?  Go on  and try other outdoor and sporty activity spots.