Born to the sunlight of the Drôme valley, on slopes recognized  as the highest in France, the “Clairette de Die” is a sweet as well as fruity naturally sparkling wine.

The legend goes that 2ooo years ago, the Voconces, a gaulic people, had given up two jars of wine into the cold waters of a river for a full winter.

When they were found back  in spring time their content had turned into  a bubbling, sweet drink nowadays known as the Clairette de Die. The wining technique called ” Méthode Dioise ancestrale” ( ancestral method from Die) is a subtle mix of two vine fruit: white clairette and small muscat grape. At harvest time , once the pressing of the grapes is done, the juice is filtered and let to cool down and start its fermentation in vats.After 2 months, the half-fermented must is bottled and the slow process of fermenting goes on thanks to  the sole sugar contained in the grape. It will turn into a natural effervescent wine.

Clairette de Die

Tasting the Clairette de Die

The high quality of the soil, the types of  vine which go into the mixture and the winemakers’ “know- how” altogether participate in the making of unlikely vintages which would deserve to be uncovered.

Go and make  the vine-growers’ acquaintance, visit the vineyards either walking, by bike or by car. The signs reading ” Sur la route de la Clairette de Die” ( on the Clairette de Die’s route) take you to the area of appellation.

The vines are growing everywhere, now utterly visible   and there hidden, spreading to the tops of stony slopes bathed in sunlight, on each side of the valley.

Accompanied by their small wooden huts, they are full part of the Drôme valley’s landscapes.

Do not waste a minute, go and visit our vines and wine properties.