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Come together and relax with your partner, your family or friends.
Routing either on foot, by bike, with a donkey or on horse-back, take the marked and maintained trails in the region. There’s nothing better and quieter than an experience full of wild nature, culture and authentic human encounters.

So, don’t waver anymore and take the shorts cuts. Log out  of your internet appliances and let yourselves be dragged down  into our wild’s fabulous energy.

The Drôme valley  great marked trails will allow you to  plan  several day hikes. Along the way , you’ll find accommodation and will just have to choose the facilities which suit you. :  stop-overs for cyclists and horse-riders, rest houses for individuals or groups, hotels, campsites, guesthouses.  And at lunch time  you’ll find the small restaurants, countryside cafés and local producers  which are dotted on your trip.

The Vélodrôme ( Drôme cycling path)

A quiet ride has been designed for families and is linked to the ViaRhôna ( path along the river Rhône)

Winding through the orchards in the plains and  the slopes, it leads you to the discovery of the “Zone Natura 2000” in Printegarde, the  natural reserve “Les Ramières” , the “Brézème” (wine with AOC appellation)  slopes, the hilltop villages of Allex and Livron and the frescos in Loriol, on motorway 7.

From the Rhône valley to the ” Alpes Provençales”   : On the trails of the famous Mountain bike raid called  the ” Chemins du Soleil”  the Valence-Gap-Sisteron  route takes you along the river Drôme, from the confluent  up to the vineyards in Die district, under the Vercors foothills. A small mountain ride to the Dévoluy allows joining the valleys in Gap area. It is possible to join the valleys in Gap area by going on a small ride up the Dévoluy mountains.

These trails are in the records of the great national crossings by the French Cycling Federation (FFC)

VTT 26 ( Mountain bike 26) along the river Drôme.

Linked to the ViaRhôna, the Drôme riversides allow many possible

mountain bike and hybrid bike rides . From Livron, you can ride up the

river Drôme from its confluence with the river Rhône up to Saillans.

This 50kms long ride can easily be done in one day. It is also possible to come back on a  Gap to Valence train, as the line has stops at Saillans, Crest and Livron.

The marked trail called ” Le Long de la Rivière Drôme”( along the river Drôme) is also used by pedestrians so, mind them.

“Sur les Pas des Huguenots” ( Following in the Huguenots’ footsteps)

It is a 1600kms long route starting in Poët Laval in the Drôme département and ending at Bad Karlshafen in Germany.

It enters our valley before the pass of La Chaudière  and goes on towards Die.

This route is as close as possible to the historical path the Huguenots followed when in exile from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.

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Horse riding trail :  La Drôme à cheval ( the Drôme on horse back )

The Drôme département was one of the first to design marked horse-riding routes.  You may find all the information on trails, rest houses and facilities for your horses in the website of the Association de la Drôme à cheval” ( the Drôme on horseback )

A great  amount of horseback rides are available in the valley !

Local great hike: The Grand Tour de la Gervanne ( Gervanne great hike)

This route  in the south of the famous Vercors massif  gives the opportunity to discover the many faces of the Gervanne valley.

The 52 Kms long “Grand Tour de la Gervanne” ( Gervanne great tour) enables you to see a range of landscapes and an exceptional natural territory.

Admire its cultural heritage while passing by hilltop villages like Beaufort, Gigors et Lozeron or Suze. Gaze at its luxurious vegetation and its great natural views  such as the Pissoire and Druise waterfalls or the Plateau des Chaux.

Get all the technical information on this route  in the guidebook  ” La Vallée de la Drôme à pied”( the Drôme valley on foot). You can get it for 15€ at the tourist offices.©FFRandonnée Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

  • “Gr®9 Jura-Méditerranée”

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