Our pearls Hilltop villages

Hilltops villages are dotted along the steep slopes that sculpt the Drôme valley’s landscape.

Mirabel et Blacons ©Yves Bertrand

You make them out from a distance if they don’t unexpectedly come out, at the turn of a road. Their origins trace back to the Middle Ages: the houses were then huddled at the foot of fortresses built high, so as to see and be seen.  Their small lanes are to be visited by walking aimlessly along,  past former fountains.

At any time, from dawn to dusk,  the ancient stones are bathed in daylight and that enhances their  fine grain and relief.

Take advantage of your visit to discover pottery, jewellery, painting, sculpture , contemporary art , wood working,  weaving, hat-making, gilding and mosaic , a  great diversity of arts and crafts that  will satisfy  everybody .

On the way from From Grâne, with its impressive bell tower, or Autichamp with its suspended gardens, to Le Poët Célard with its massive castle , Soyans with its ruins and finally Saillans with the sweet coolness of its fountains, you won’t miss them and even will feel  lured to them.

Take your time and get lost wandering in the maze of the medieval  lanes in these villages with a  moving  past and definitely so charming.

Raise your eyes , pay attention and notice  here and there, some dates, carved lintels,  knockers or some doors, a myriad of details which highlight  the richness of our hilltop villages.

 To learn more about the stories these ancient stones have to tell us, do follow the designed paths round the villages like the one on the history of pottery in Cliousclat, or on the history of Le Haut  Livron (hilltop Livron), of Suze, of Montoison and so on.