Nice times to have The trail of arts

The making of the Drôme valley is also due to fully talented women and men .Their hands are able to turn any piece of unwanted, non-descript material into a magnificient object.

©Lionel Pascale

Meeting art artisans is, above all, a matter of human encounter which allows sharing experiences, talking about different matters and passing on knowledge and know-hows.

Our Drôme valley boasts a wealth of diverse art artisans. Ceramists, sculptors, glass artisans, wood turners, clay throwers, dressmakers.. It’s not easy to name them all…

Art , cultural heritage and the region are to be discovered at a bend of the path called “Le Muret d’Art” (art low wall).

Some villages, like Cliousclat, have specialised in pottery.

There also exists Le Chemin des Artisans d’Art (art artisans path), in Saoû.

Some  artisans also give you the opportunity to attend workshops where  to be introduced to or deepen your knowledge of pottery or glass work, for instance.

I have known some of them for long and I am really delighted to see them over and over again, since  their art is constantly evolving owing to their living creativeness and endless inspiration.

Don’t skip meeting them and take time to watch the precision and beauty of their  creative gesture  along the famous  route des arts  (art route