Our pearls Wild swims in rivers

There are countless places of great diversity  where to go for a wild swim  in The Drôme Valley. From the most frequented to the most secret ones, everybody can find the one that suits them.The Roanne Valley , with its somewhat southern looks, abounds in small wild river spots . Its pure and invigorating water bounces from rock to rock to form nice basins…

Wild swims in river

The River Drôme

River Drôme

With its warmer  water, the Drôme is spreading, taking things nice and easy . You may get the impression that you are on a beach but one with no sand  and  no crowds.

You can swim or jump into deep waterholes called “gours”, you can get tanned on the beach while keeping an eye on the children splashing about .Their little hands will skilfully skip stones on the river. You can let yourself be drifted away by the water flow, let your eyes follow multicoloured canoes paddling their way along the river, have a picnic, read or  doze off. In other words, enjoy an unforgettable summer time…

Going to a  river for a wild swim requires concern as you have to interact with other different people like sportsmen, swimmers, fishermen, observers etc  and also as those matchless places have to be preserved.