Nice times to have Watching beavers by the Drôme riverside

Stéphane introduces us to the biggest rodent in Europe : you learn all about its physiology and  anatomy; how tall and big it is, what it feeds on and the way it lives as a crepuscular and nocturnal animal.

We also learn to tell the coypu apart from the beaver. The latter is protected by  law and accounts for good quality water. Beavers necessarily live on a riverside growing trees and bush-trees of great diversity. During the outing, we must  make very little noise, stay close together and wear dark clothes, so as to be almost invisible.

We are led to a place with beaver activity . We use both telescopes and binoculars to observe the animals in their natural environment. We can watch them as they sprawl on the ground, wash or feed themselves…And we have the opportunity to see other animals at the same time. We can hear all the noise made at twilight  by the water birds, the bats’ first flight or such as a the beginning of a  frog concert. Indeed a great delight to ears and eyes alike !

Sentier du Castor (Beaver path) ©Lionel Pascale

A beaver ©Jérome Armand

So, even if the beavers don’t come into sight, you can attend nature’s show, somehow. There sure is a real touch of magic when night falls.

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