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The Drôme valley supports its producers and acts in favour of the environment, social and eco-friendly aspects of sustainable development. Farms, breweries ,chocolate factories, oil-mills, bee-hives… You’ll be given the opportunity to buy all their products in shops or directly from the local producers’ places.

We are very proud of what our farmers and producers can offer.  So don’t hesitate  to  buy their local fresh products and savour them in balanced meals.

Goat breeding - Ahmed Koubaa

Lavender cultivation - Domaine du Quinson

So, don’t waste a minute , come and taste the countless fresh products grown in organic farming . There is a great variety of them all over the Drôme valley.

Find about  the region wines, come and taste them in the vines and wine -makers’ properties during guided walks in the vineyards and rejoice at  the view over the ridges of the Brézème.

You have plenty of choice. Come and walk in the “Sentier Nature ” ( nature path) in Suze, in the Gervanne  area. You will come across the richness of the natural heritage surrounding the village.

On the way, you may as well get the opportunity to taste the famous ” Clairette de Die. There are beautiful view points you mustn’t miss while hiking along the path ” Sous les Trois Becs” ( under the three peaks),  the ridge path in Saoû Forest, Roche Courbe or climbing the  Trois Becs themselves.

Going along the wine circuit, you will have  to walk the educational vine path in Vercheny-le-Haut ( high Vercheny)

Aromatic and medicinal plants :  wellbeing is an essential element in the Drôme valley. You may enjoy  a pleasant and relaxing moment thanks to them.

Here are some places where to buy local products.