Our pearls Mirmande, one of the nicest villages in France

Mirmande , listed among the most beautiful villages in France
Mirmande, a gem in The Drôme Valley, is to be discovered by wandering through its many and picturesque medieval lanes.

Mirmande ©Lionel Pascale

Its story goes back far into history. The first part of the village was built by the Adhémar de Monteil family in the 12th century. It went on developping  until the production of silk through silk worm breeding started. This activity took a very  important part in the economic development of the village and when it declined, so did Mirmande.

Fortunately, André Lhote, a famous cubist painter , fell in love with the village and founded a summer art- school in Mirmande, which allowed the village to gain a new life. Mirmande so became a lively place for contemporary art creation. Lhote participated in conserving the village as did another celebrity : Haroun Tazieff, an internationally recognized vulcanologist used to be the mayor in Mirmande and helped keep urbanization at a  low rate.

The authentic stone houses still shed the workshops of  many artists  and art artisans who are but too pleased to let the visitors discover  how talented they are.

You must also visit “the icing on the cake”,  a little marvel of Roman art: Sainte Foy, the church at the top of the village which opens its doors to exhibitions from April to September.

Your sense of taste won’t be left aside : you’ll be able to get soft and sweet fruit from  a number of local fruit growers’  : cherry, apricot, nectarine, cherryplum, kiwi,  all will ravish little children as well as  grown-ups.

The story of Mirmande is still writing on : 20 years after it was listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France, the village was honoured with two more rewards:

-It participated in the TV programme called   ” Le Village Préféré des Français “( the French’s best-loved village)

– It also welcomed the shooting of the film ” l’Incroyable Histoire du Facteur Cheval ( the Incredible story of Cheval the postman)

Don’t skip the stop-over at this so specific and charming village with thousands things to see and also pay a visit to the hilltop villages in the Drôme Valley.



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