Nice times to have With my children

A family visit to the Drôme valley is definitely a source of happiness! I’m going to tell you about some places in the valley I and my family keep very good recollections of.

©Lionel Pascale

As the day went on ,we took shelter from the burning sunshine in the shade of hundred-year-old trees . And then we made for the footpaths and trails. Many of them are designed for families. (pushchairs, bikes or horses are not a problem )

The forest of Saoû, for instance.  We had a picnic in an enchanting place across l’Auberge des Dauphins ( the Dauphins’ inn) and then played  a dodge ball game with the children.

We inevitably come back to this green setting where climbing is the queen activity  : there are many natural and varied climbing grounds. Kids and adults alike can have the time of their lives  up and down  the cliffs in la Graville, a modern climbing school suitable to all levels and all ages from 7 to77.

One day, we went by the Drôme riverside and the children couldn’t but have a swim in its turquoise water not far from the Ramières, a nature reserve. On that July day The River was pretty soothed ,compared with its spring boiling waters. They enjoyed designing non lasting creations  and even found large “bathtubs” in which to splash out in a merry hustle and bustle.

.While canoeing , we caught a glimpse of the  tower of Crest and saw some people bravely abseiling down one of its sides . The idea yet made its way  and there we were a few days later,  all rappelling down this  40 meters high and so imposing historic monument. Terrific ! and the kids asked for doing it all over again .

In the background, the Trois Becs (three peaks) were calling for us but we had to wait for a few days before climbing up the three emblematic  peaks ( Le Veyou,le Signal and Roche Courbe) with our binoculars in hands. We all wanted to experience canoeing  and rafting first.It was a full success again  ! with  faces beaming with joy  and constant laughter echoing all along the paddling down the Drôme river.

And why not slow -down a bit  and  visit “Le Jardin aux Oiseaux” (garden for birds)  in Upie ? In the midde of the big flowery park well planted with trees ,we were introduced to  a multitude of species and  attended unseen shows starring parrots and birds of prey. We managed to spot birds and listen to their songs . How delightful !  And it’s also possible to experience being  a bird-keeper for a day,there.