Datebook Highlights Crest Jazz Vocal

Jazz !
It used to be born on the far away lands of the Mississipi, during the dark days of some people that history had left broken- hearted.
A rebel, with a deep thirst for meetings and interbreeding, it has travelled across time and space, imbued in numerous cultures which would reshape it all along .
That’s how it came to fall in love with a small territory living at the rhythm of a wild river ( The river Drôme) and committed itself to make it throb every summer.

For more than 40 years, Crest Jazz Vocal festival has been one of the must- go- to summertime events. It attracts thousands of music lovers:  women who worship Django’s,  those fond of Coltrane’s  ,  fans of Nougaro’s  , people in love with Nina and Billie’s songs and countless curious- minded people.

Here’s the promise of  a bewitching week with its explosive program and multi coloured lights whose captivating  anthem  is ” I put a spell on you” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

Next summer, either with your family, lover, or  friends, treat yourself with a Jazz cocktail, under the lanterns of the Tower and let yourself be drifted away by the most beautiful voices in Crest Jazz Vocal.

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