Our pearls Onwards to the Biovallée®

Welcome to the Biovallée® !

Our Drôme valley is above all a land which is alive, and well alive, populated by people from a variety of backgrounds, creative personalities, communities, companies and associations well anchored in the present and looking toward the future, a space of diverse innovations and collective actions. Everyone here is immersed in a country of great beauty, a rare diversity of magical landscapes, a geological layout that inspires simplicity and hospitality. The Drôme river is our shared public asset, from its confluence to its spring, it has woven ties since all times, it opens the door to you on the Vercors plateaus, it also offers you the scents and colours of Provence, it maintains contrasts and has many surprises in store for you. For the pleasure of your taste buds, you can taste local products at numerous markets and local producers shops, as well as in our restaurants and guest tables. Many farms also welcome you to take a closer look at the emotional relationship we have with our land and our animals. If Drôme in Dutch means dream, it may not be by chance.

The Biovallée® located along the Drôme river is a territory based on environmental innovation and sustainable development. Its assets: unspoiled nature, a great wealth of artistic professions, a varied tourist offer and a strongly mobilized civil society. Biovallée® exists because men and women have long held the same conviction and made it an exemplary territory of international reference for ecological transition.

Set up in the south east of France along the river Drôme, Biovallée is a territory founded on   environmental and sustainable innovation. Its main assets: a protected environment, a wide range of artistic trades and crafts, a varied touristic offer and a strongly bonded civil society. Biovallée has been active for several decades through the conviction of women and men who make it an internationally recognised exam the conviction of women and men who make it an internationally recognised example of transition to a sustainable future. Originally, a municipalities community deposited this mark of territory to unite the public bodies of the valley, companies, associations and collectives around a reference charter, to share with all the volunteers a focal point, a transition path. The development of this charter and this brand is entrusted to the Biovallée® association, which has submitted a collective application in the 3rd National Investment Program for the Future. The valley becomes the winner as “Biovallée®, Territory of innovation”, for a multifaceted project in the fields of energy, thermal renovation, food, agricultural practices and mobility. You can find more information on the association’s website. Be careful, if you come to discover our valley, its mountains and its wild river called Drôme, you risk coming back, and not wanting to leave again.

Find out more : www.biovallee.net