Nice times to have Music in the forest

Have you ever heard of  the festival in Saoû? It is the only “Wolfgang Amadeus festival” in France. Thanks to Mr Henry Fuoc, the country of the Picodon (a wonderful little cheese goat)  has been singing Mozart since 1989, in a dreamlike scenery.

©Lionel Pascale

The event is characterized by concerts given all around the Drôme.

The musicians play Mozart  in churches but also mostly outside , in castle yards or under plane trees in town squares. Although the performers feel relaxed, they interpret Mozart’s music with passion.

The heart of the festival throbs in Saoû:  musicians with a renown enjoy giving  concerts in this gently serious atmosphere with everybody smiling. And the audience surely get their worth, all the more as the stars twinkle in the summer night skies . Right in the middle of Saoû Forest ( a listed site) next to the Auberge des Dauphins (the Dauphins’ Inn), while listening to the traditional concert, you will be shrouded in an enchanting and magical atmosphere, in an astounding surrounding.

Other events : “Lune Pleine de jazz”,  a jazz concert at every full moon night in Saoû.