My freezer is stuffed with organic food

Published on 12 July 2019

When someone living in the valley takes in relatives or friends coming from a big city, the question the latters keep asking is : ” Are there any organic shops around here ?” This question really sounds strange to us as the more logical one  should be : ” Are there any store departments  around here ? “

Buying and having local and organic food is a way of life , a well grounded habit  in the locals’  attitude. Here, when you live in a small village and  happen to run out of something ,  your first reaction is  to walk to the market gardener’s in the neighbourhood hamlet  or ask the baker who  grounds his own flour , a few steps away. And when there’s a party around, what else but our friend the brewer’s beer  or the organic Clairette  from the winemaker’s property at the end of the road ?

Our valley has the biggest number of organically managed farmlands throughout France.  That allows us,- and why not you ?- to get loads of good supplies and fill the freezer to the top. And who knows ?  Some villagers may treat  you to some fresh produce coming right from their gardens. Is there anything more organic or local than that ?