Abseiling at the Tower of Crest

Published on 12 July 2019


Today, I’m sharing a unique experience with you : my roping down the tallest donjon in France which is the  “Tour de Crest” (Tower of Crest )( 52m/155 ft high)

I was given the opportunity to go through a stunning experience full of sensations at a historical monument: a 42 m  high descent  along the wall of the Tower of Crest. After getting my equipment,  I was given information and advice so as to enjoy the trip down at its most.Now , there, that’s it, I set my feet on the outside part of the tower wall and I slowly start my rope descent  down. What a fabulous  mix  of adrenalin rush , physical effort and height ! While descending, I release the pressure and look around me, at the outstanding panoramic view over the Drôme valley and the three peaks called ” Les Trois Becs” . That’s terrific ! I finally have my feet back on the ground  and I feel as a girl ready for another go !



This activity is of course secured by qualified climbing instructors  and is accessible to 6-7 year- old kids and on.

So, will you give in to temptation and try this fantastic experience in you turn? Or other leisure activities in the Drôme valley?