Nice times to have Switch it off

Job emails, personal emails, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Linkedin… Does your phone ring or vibrate every 10 minutes ? Do you log in to Netflix to wach series at home after work ? But have you ever calculated how much time you spend behind a screen ?

©Jody Arnaud - Camping de la Clairette (Clairette campsite)

It is sometimes good to switch off phones and computers, so as  to come back to normal , and concentrate on physical sensations rather than on virtual matters. Even doctors agree on that . and that’s suits you well :   one of the best places to do so is  the valley of the Drôme.

Of course, you can always get connected to the world again, if you want to. But you may prefer going through the sensorial experiences possible here, like feeling the breath of the wind over your face at the top of a mountain, or your body getting relaxed in the coolness of our streams  or breathing in the thousand and one fragrances emanating from pine-trees or wild thyme and lavender plants all along your walking path. You would crave for making the most of it , to a hundred per cent, wouldn’t you ?

And ,if ever you are not strong-willed enough to do so, there exists an outright solution : some parts in our territory are located in a “zone blanche” ( white spot) , with no network coverage. You won’t be given other choice than wonder at the beauty of the world surrounding you there!