Nice times to have Riding round Wine properties

Get on your bike and ride off, at daybreak, when all is quiet. Enjoy the sight of the sun rising over the Drôme valley, marvel at the so specific tint of the river which is majestically spreading among the pebbles.

Riding round Wine properties

Ride and,..

find the first vineyards of the Clairette wine set on the steep hillsides of the Brézème wine, along the way. Make out those set higher and hidden behind some stone plateau.

Ride and…

 feel the warmth of the sun , gaze at the valley, just awakening and resonant with its daily hustle and bustle.

Ride and…

Take in the fragrance of thyme, lavender and rosemary. Let yourself  be carried away with the chirping of  the cicadas.

Stop for a while, push a cellar door open and enjoy its most welcomed coolness. Sense the country-like atmosphere and meet the” terroir” and its passionate wine growers. Sip at the fruits of their work .

Then,  get on  your bike again, and head it further, to visit other vine districts and meet our wine makers.

Darkness is now descending  upon the Drôme valley, the crickets are soon going to chirp the cicadas away, the first stars start twinkling in the sky. So, it’s time to ride back home.