Nice times to have Rhythm of a day in the Drôme Valley

Commuting and its same daily work rush, seem totally remote here in the Drôme region !

Of course it can take you time to get from one place to another! But it has nothing to do with traffic jams.  Although… you might get stuck for a while, because of…  sheep flocks on the road at the Vercors’ gates, in the Gervanne valley.

What will make you “waste your time” here is the marvel which unfolds at each turn of the wheel. You are likely to often stop your car so as to take pictures of the so varied  landscapes that make a heaven of this region.

You must have got it : no need to hurry in the Drôme valley … and all the better for it ! Take time to see, hear and breathe in … all your senses are revived. And it will soon appear to you that it is a true way of life : the flow of the day will be  interrupted by long discussions with some local people who will be too pleased to take the time -again –  to tell you about the region they live in. And when night falls , lying on the grass and away from any source of light pollution, lost in wonder beneath a sky sparkling  with more stars than you could imagine, you then realise that time can even come to a still…