Nice times to have Our nicest village town squares

They are all the same… and yet so different!

They either are pretty, in bloom, discreet, picturesque, set on high hills , noisy, contemporary, round or rectangular… but above all, they are  timeless !

Don’t be mistaken, dear visitors, we are not talking about the ladies shining their beauties in our Drôme valley but of our village town squares indeed!

Every day, round the corner of small lanes  or cross-roads they tell of century- old history -or stories-  offer friendly moments, testify of urban feats or make our hearts throb a thousand times.

©Jody Arnaud Camping de la Clairette (the clairette campsite)


Visitors with a taste for gourmet food, will gather Place de la République in Saillans, on a Sunday morning, for one of our  markets. with loads of savoury goods. However, if laying in bed is too strong a desire they can still make up for it  in the Halle au Blé in Crest on Tuesdays and Saturdays or in Saou’s little town square also on Saturdays.

The visitors who delight in architecture and cultural heritage will be seduced by the century-old buildings in Beaufort sur Gervanne ‘s  town square ( vallée de la Gervanne) and  the nice wash-place in Cobonne’s square  (vallée de la Sye)

.In Chabrillan’s or Vaunaveys-la-Rochette, the flowery little squares will turn into cosy little nests for lovers , poetry readers and some romantic-minded people.

And are you keen on philanthropy, chance meetings or philosophical discussions? Le Cours des Marronniers (chestnut walk),in Crest , isthesquare where to tie bonds, then!