Nice times to have Beyond one’s limits

Of all walking paths , the ones you remember well are those which have required real physical effort.



In the Drôme valley, some trails known for being hard to climb up, will however leave you with unforgettable memories. Among them are the rocky peak of the Château de Barry , in Vercheny, the ridges over the Saoû Forest via La Chapelle Saint Médart and Roche Colombe, but also the steep paths of the Balcons de la Roanne or those of Saint Moirans in the Rocher de Cresta and Cresta LaPoirierHikes you must do if you are bold enough and fond of immersing yourself into so apart and captivating worlds for 5 hours on the average

Gain in self confidence, find one’s way , overcome one’s fears and mental blockage, and so, experience a true personal change.

All that is made possible when you feel ready to soar up from Aubenasson for a glide over  the perched syncline,  or a hot-hair balloon trip up from Soyons or- even more daring-, a paragliding tandem flight. If it is your first time, you’ll have to brace yourself up  to run and take off to the clement skies of the Drôme valley. Then, you will be able to gaze at its matchless landscape. How satisfied  you will be for winning over your anxiety! and how good you will feel, after this push of adrenalin !


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