A night under the stars

Published on 12 July 2019

I enjoyed sleeping under the stars. That was so gripping a sight that I feel like sharing that moment with you: It’s early, very early in the morning. The stars in the sky are rocking me awake and I slowly open my eyes to  watch the sun rising and sense the coolness of the new morning.

The silence deepens the delight of this so special experience. The first beams of sunlight are warming me up, the bottom of the Drôme valley is still in the dark, its inhabitants  are still asleep and I personally feel I’m living a unique and precious moment, as if time had stopped its course,   just for me. 

The Drôme valley has a number of preserved places, part of our natural heritage.. Before planning  a night under the stars make sure it is allowed there . If ever you go walking up the “Trois Becs” ( Three Peaks) you’d better spend the night in the refuge “les Girards” .

And please stay out of private properties!