A day for two

Published on 12 July 2019

Start hand in hand with a partner to visit  hilltop villages and watch the river Drôme as it winds its way through the valley. Get lost and find each other again in small lanes sunk in light and shadow, with walls made of golden stone or round pebbles.

Treat yourself to a rare, unique object designed by one of these art- artisans in love with their work, who have come and settled in this valley of “know hows”. Stumble upon the little restaurant where you can sit without taking your eyes off each other, in the shade of a bower or next to the bar, where the villagers tell all about the latest anecdotes in the surrounding and share their laughter and merry easy-going attitude to life.

When evening falls, have a local beer in a garden  while listening to the beat of a hazard concert, with a panoramic view  of nature, large screen- like in the background. Promise one another that you will do that walk in the middle of the vineyards tomorrow , in the company of the winemaker who will have you taste his sparkling Clairette wine.

But before all , make the most of that guestroom nestled at the heart of the village,  and  enjoy the organic food served at dinner time, for it  has been grown right there, with love…